Risk Management approach & learnings


The objective is to proactively identify, assess and manage delivery risks. Best mitigation steps are to be the critical outcome.

This case story is based on the learnings from Risk management done for 100+ programs that had application development, maintenance and testing services as scope.

Identify and Manage Risks

Focused assessment of risks across various dimensions brought out potential risks. The dimensions across which the risks were assessed were Scope, Schedule, Quality, Process, People, etc. Mitigation plans were made for the risks. The risk plan was revisited every week for the status of existing risks and to identify any new risks During project reviews with senior management, had risk review as an agenda and highlighted on top risks and mitigations. Seeked management support wherever needed. Have communication established with relevant stakeholders towards risk tracking and closure.

Recommendations to mitigate key risky areas

  • Assess the maturity of delivery and engineering and take actions to move towards Best In Class delivery

  • Have a good estimation process in place for functional and non functional requirements

  • Identify backups for critical roles

  • Ensuring proper Knowledge Transfer from existing vendors

  • Have connect meetings with dependent teams

  • Ensure Project Kick-offs with specified agenda

  • Cross skill and upskill team

  • Maintain buffer people

  • Automate the automatable jobs

  • Run Performance testing before every release

Best Practices

  • Report key risks to clients and client senior management

  • Involve management regularly for risk reviews

  • Automate risk tracking

Top Challenges & Actions


Risks not updated regularly by the Project team

How to overcome?
  • Have risk review as part of the project review by management. Use the risks entered in the system for this review

  • Share key risks to client based on risks entered in the system


Getting time from management for project reviews

How to overcome?
  • Have recurring meetings planned in advance

  • Inclucde as part of Governance mechanism, reporting of top risks to the client senior management.


Not having budget to build a Risk Management portal

How to overcome?
  • Have a simple system developed using O365 SharePoint, etc

Concluding Note

Risk management is a key to any project success and making people's work life smooth. We need a focused drive to identify and control risks on an ongoing basis.